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judie on bench with twiggy and petula

Environmental champion and legislative advocate Judie Mancuso has announced that she will seek a seat on the Laguna Beach City Council in 2024.

A Laguna Beach resident since 1995, Mancuso is well-known for her commitment to and deep involvement in the community. As Vice-Chair of the city’s Environmental Sustainability Committee since 2019, she has helped spearhead that body’s efforts to protect Laguna’s unique natural assets and create models of sustainability that can be followed up and down the coast.

Mancuso is known as a powerhouse in Sacramento. Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL), the nonprofit she founded in 2007 and serves as president of, has sponsored over 60 pro-animal and pro-environment bills, of which 24 have been signed into law. This background gives her a wealth of experience building coalitions, forging consensus and getting things done.

“Throughout my life, I’ve sought to go where I could do the most good,” Mancuso said. “My nonprofit will continue to sponsor laws designed to protect people, animals and the planet. But cities are playing a bigger role than ever in mitigating climate change and safeguarding our precious ecosystems. It will be a great honor for me to help my hometown lead by example as a city council member.”

Mancuso’s campaign will focus on the issues that Lagunans care about most: Public safety, government transparency, fiscal responsibility and tourism impacts, managing growth and development, issues surrounding mental health, housing and homelessness, climate resiliency and protecting our wildlife, our water, our land, and our quality of life.

“It is up to us to preserve everything we love about Laguna Beach. Our pride in our city and civility toward one another are the heart and soul of our community. With a professional atmosphere restored in City Hall, we can start focusing on what’s important to us again. We Lagunans have always been one big family in our small town. I look forward to working with all stakeholders to help us move forward and thrive.”