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Thank you
Dear friends, 
It has become clear that my candidacy to represent Assembly District 72 came up short. Coming into the race, we knew we faced tough odds in a district that heavily favored Republicans, but we gave it our all and I’m so proud of the campaign we ran.
I want to congratulate Diane Dixon on her victory and wish her the best in Sacramento. 
Thanks to everyone who supported our campaign by donating, phone banking, canvassing, and sending me encouraging messages and calls throughout. To our volunteers – I am so appreciative of your time and effort. You did it because you believe in our shared values. I thank you all so much!
While certainly disappointed in the results, I am grateful for the experience of running to be your Assemblymember. I will put everything I learned during the campaign to use in making my nonprofit, Social Compassion in Legislation, even more effective in promoting laws and public policies that protect humans, animals and the environment. 
All my gratitude, Judie 
Thank you