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Meet Judie

Judie Mancuso is a successful Laguna Beach based community and nonprofit leader with an unmatched record of service, passing meaningful policies and building winning coalitions.

With an early career spent leading large teams in the Information Technology industry over a span of 20 years, Judie is the Founder & CEO of Social Compassion in Legislation, a leading nonprofit dedicated to the protection of the environment and animals. Judie’s drive and legislative advocacy has been key to taking on some of the world’s largest special interests and winning — sponsoring over 60 state bills, with 24 being successfully signed into law.

As a former member of the California Veterinary Medical Board and current Vice-Chair of the Laguna Beach Environmental Sustainability Committee, Judie has developed an ironclad reputation as a champion for animals, the environment, and our coastline economies. 

Judie has the patience and legislative know-how to get big things done, and is running for Laguna Beach City Council to tackle our most pressing issues head on.  She now offers all her years of leadership skills and experience in business and politics to the voters of the City of Laguna Beach.