Letters to the Editor: Kangaroo leather is a product of wildlife management, not “mass slaughters”

To the editor: Thank you for calling on state agencies to enforce the sales ban on kangaroo skin.

California has a long history of protecting wildlife used in commerce via sales bans, including many big cats, zebras, pythons, elephants and others. My nonprofit, Social Compassion in Legislation, cosponsored Assembly Bill 1260, authored by Assemblymember Brian Maienschein (D-San Diego), which in 2019 added iguanas, skinks, caimans, hippopotamuses and Teju, Ring and Nile lizards to the list of animals banned for sale in the state.

With so many high-quality, long-lasting synthetics available, there is no justifiable reason animals should be killed for their skins for soccer cleats or any other product.

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